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Alongside the Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act of 2002, detailed here, another important piece of legislation for leaseholders is the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985. Section 20 of this Act stipulates that a landlord proposing to carry out major repairs, maintenance or improvement works must formally consult all those expected to contribute to the cost, if this will exceed £250 for each individual. This legally obligates landlords to make their intentions known to every leaseholder, and ensures that leaseholders can express their views on any proposed work.

Similarly, a landlord intending to enter into a contract for services of any period exceeding twelve months must also consult service charge payers before proceeding, if the cost to individual leaseholders will exceed £100 a year. This contract could be for anything from lift maintenance to gardening, or even the supply of materials. Landlords are obligated to serve a Notice of Intention to each leaseholder, keeping them fully apprised of any potential future expenditures. Leaseholders can then recommend companies to contact for quotes, and landlords must obtain at least two estimates, before inviting observations from leaseholders and taking these comments into consideration when deciding on a preferred contractor.  Where major works are required Qbit will ensure all requirements for section 20 are complied with, including work scoping, technical specifications, tender documentation, evaluation process, consultation , selection and contract award. Qbit will also manage the works until completion at an industry competitive fixed rate. Our work to date has included the successful application for and project management of a NHBC funded building repair.

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